Sunday, August 28, 2022

Update and a Poem

I'm sure you, my dear readers, have been anxiously awaiting my next post. I know it's been a while since the last one. I have a lot of ideas queued up, but this summer has been quite busy (and I've been a bit lazy) and progress on this blog has been slow. My next major post is going to be a good one and I'd say it's about 50% done. 

At my current rate, it'll be done in 3 more months (hopefully a lot sooner than that). But to satisfy you in the time being, here's a short post.

I took a ~2.5 hour bus trip recently and on that ride, I was inspired to write this poem. I hope it tickles your brain. Also the last time I wrote a poem was probably in high school. I am not a poet. 

The Bus King
By Sumeet Gudi

I’m traveling on a bus and I’m a king

I booked a bus ticket.
Thought I was getting myself into a thicket.
Don’t only peasants ride the bus?
Doesn’t this seem a little sus?

Being surrounded by all these people
And having to stick to that schedule
The money savings isn’t much
Why am I getting myself into this crutch?

Got on the bus and picked a seat
Wow, I said, this is pretty neat. 
I can watch tv, or sleep, or chill
I’ve got plenty of time to kill. 

The bus driver is paid to drive me around
While I sit in my throne, unbound.
Royalty doesn’t mean having a lot of bling
Is this what it’s like to be a king?

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